Lake Superior, Photograph provided by local Thomas Spence
Gala for the Grove

Join us for the eighth Gala for the Grove on Saturday, May 19, 2018, in the Lakeside Ballroom at Surfside on Lake Superior. Have a great night out while supporting Birch Grove Community School. This event is fun and spirited! Come with friends or make new ones at the Gala. Everyone is sure to have a good time! Proceeds from this event benefit Birch Grove Community School. 


Evening's Itinerary

  • 5:30 p.m. - Champagne Social 
    • We will serve appetizers and champagne. Browse items that are up for auction and purchase tickets for items in the drawing. A cash bar is available all evening.
  • 6:30 p.m. - Dinner and Wine
    • Each dinner will include two glasses of red or white wine. You will find your dinner choices are listed below. Drawings will take place during the latter part of dinner.
  • 7:30 p.m. - Live Auction
    • We will auction some special items live.
  • Music to follow
    •  Dance the night away to a variety of music genres.

Menu for the Evening 

We will serve a salad, warm bread, and seasonal vegetables with a choice of: 

  • Filet mignon and herb roasted potatoes
  • Roasted chicken breast and wild rice pilaf
  • Grilled portabella with artichoke stuffing and wild rice pilaf

We will serve a variety of delicious desserts.    

Are you interested in being a sponsor to this event?


  • $1,000.00 sponsorship includes six tickets 
  • $500.00 sponsorship includes four tickets
  • $250.00 sponsorship includes two tickets

We will acknowledge all sponsors the evening of the event.

2018 Gala Sponsors

Pete and Lisa Hemp

Roger Kegler and Jeanne Muntean
John and Nancy Koloski
Lamb's Resort

Arrowhead Electric
Cascade Vacation Rentals
Cleveland Cliffs
Grand Marais State Bank
Jon and Shirley Heinzen
Judy and Spenser Motschenbacher
North Shore Federal Credit Union
Charles Speiker
Rod Young
Joe and Lisa Zallar

Birch Grove Community School is a non-profit 501(c)3. Please read the following concerning tax deductions. 

$75 tickets to this event are not tax-deductible as the value of the appetizers, champagne, meal, wine, desert, and venue are equal to/more than the ticket price. 

Sponsorships: Tickets come with sponsorships. Deduct $75 per ticket from your sponsorship cost. The remainder is tax-deductible. 

Donated items for raffle/auction: Individuals and businesses that donate an item for the gala will receive a receipt/thank you. This receipt/thank will document the item donated ($100 gift card, vase, black dirt, basket of wine, etc.). Birch Grove Community School does not place a value on the item donated on the receipt/thank you. Those who donate are responsible for determining what the value of the donation is for tax deduction purposes. Please consult with your tax expert.

Auction Items Won: Auction items won are not necessarily tax-deductible, as you are receiving goods for your money. The value of each auction item is listed at the gala. If you pay more than the value of the item, this may be tax-deductible. Please discuss this with your tax consultant, as Birch Grove Community School does not give tax advice, nor is the school an authority on the subject.

Important Info

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