Lake Superior, Photograph provided by local Thomas Spence
School Board

Our board consists of nine community members who volunteer their time and talents in service of our school. The school director serves on the board in an advisory, non-voting position, and one full-time teacher serves on the board with an optional rotating term. We hold school board elections every January.

The board meets on a regular basis to discuss policies, allocate the budget, and review other matters pertaining to the operation of the school. You’ll find information about upcoming meetings, as well as the minutes from past meetings, at the side of this page.

Board Meeting Dates

Our board meets at Birch Grove Community School the third Tuesday of the month at 6:00 p.m., unless otherwise noted. Meeting dates are subject to change. We will post rescheduled board meetings at Birch Grove Community School, the school website, and on the local Boreal website. 

Meet Our Board Members

Below you’ll find a list of the current board members. For mailing addresses and details regarding each board member’s term and credentials, please see the Board Composition document at the side of this page.

Judy Motschenbacher, President
Founder and Community Member
P: 218-663-0017

Sara Lizakowski, Vice-President
Teacher Representative and Community Member
P: 218-663-0170

Sarena Nelson, Secretary
BGCS Parent and Community Member
P: 218-370-0726

Skip Lamb, Treasurer
Community Member
P: 218-663-7922

Kathy Lawrence, Board Member
BGCS Parent and Community Member
P: 218-370-9478

Krystal Singleton, Board Member
BGCS Parent and Community Member
P: 218-220-9273
Our Current Committees and Members

Chair responsibilities: Set up, run, and record the meeting

District Advisory & Academic Excellence Committee
Members: Judy Motschenbacher, Sara Lizakowski

Finance Committee
Chair: Skip Lamb
Members: Judy Motschenbacher, Skip Lamb

Fund Raising Committee
Chair: Sarena Nelson
Members: Judy Motschenbacher, Sarena Nelson